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Q. Are all the items in your farm box LOCAL?

A. Due to the limited supply of local AND organic items our Summer CSA is 80% local and about 70% grown by us here at Vesterbrook.  For our Winter CSA we are using organic items from other farms and our own farm weather permitting.  There were several reasons why we decided to do this.  First and foremost was that the customers we serve and our own family needed an affordable source of Organic, chemical free fruits and vegetables during the limited growing season of Missouri.  Paying $125 for 3-4 bags of organic fruit and vegetables at grocery stores isn't practical for many families.  Another reason is that we are extending our season by using hightunnel/greenhouses, so as production increases here at Vesterbrook we will use fewer items from outside the area.  Another important factor is that we receive the items and deliver them the next day.  So the various items in your box are MUCH fresher than grocery stores where things sit in their cooler and then out on display.  And the final reason is that my wife, Carol, lived in California for nearly 15 years and she is much happier when she has occasional avocados.  And if mama is happy then life is good!

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