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Family Farm

In the 1850s German brothers emigrated from the rich farm land of Germany’s Rhine valley to the untamed richness of Missouri’s Mississippi river basin in Clarksville MO.

Farming the prime bottomlands gave the Jaeger clan a solid base upon which to build a lasting legacy in Pike County.

Vesterbrook farm was originally an orchard producing quality apples, plums, vegetables and eggs.

Although Birkley Wells named the farm the name Vesterbrook has been lost to history.  We have chosen to keep the historical name as a reminder that we are stewards carrying on family traditions and with an eye to build upon them in future generations.

In 1928 Everett Jaeger purchased Vesterbrook farm.   A year later he married Edyth and for the next 50+ years they produced quality eggs, fruit, vegetables and milk.  Having graduated from the University of Missouri’s land grant school Everett used his newfound knowledge to establish a successful egg business supplying high quality eggs to grocery stores locally and in St Louis.  Everett also built affordable homes for veterans returning home after WWII and owned a gas station in Clarksville that still stands on the south end of town.

In the 1990s Everett & Edyth’s son Ben used his engineering skills to bring Vesterbrook farm into the 21st century and provide a springboard for future generations.  While some row crops were produced the main crop during this era has been top quality hay and alfalfa.

During this time Ben Jaeger’s daughter Carol, her husband Mike and their two children studied and ministered overseas in Eastern Europe with disabled people.  While living in Europe, Mike and Carol developed a keen interest in developing sources of healthy nutritious food for their family and others using sustainable methods.

The Brabos moved to the farm in 2008 to re-launch the family farm into a premier producer of Certified Naturally Grown vegetables, herbs, fruits, eggs and meats.

In 2008 we began with testing of the soil, reestablishing the orchard using locally grown Stark Bros. fruit trees and grew a limited variety of vegetables and herbs for farmer’s markets and a restaurant.

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